Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kamado Grilling Recipes

If you are looking for Kamado grilling recipes chances are you're familiar with the superiority of these high end ceramic grills.  The Kamado style ceramic cookers are extremely versatile.  Not only can they be used for smoking, roasting, baking, grilling, and searing but even pizza and soup can be prepared and bread baked on these unique grills.  Kamado style cookers work much like wood-fired ovens and can be used to cook anything that can be roasted or baked in a traditional oven or barbequed on a grill.

Impress friends, family, and guests and show them what that Kamado grill of yours is capable of.  Serve them a steakhouse quality prime rib, a unique take on a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, cedarplanked salmon with green beans and sweet potatoes (recipe below), a homemade wood-fired pizza, or another one of your favorite family recipes.

Of course, as with all cooking methods, you’ll want to make sure you use the highest level of food safety.  Always follow a cooking guide when you're unfamiliar with a meat to ensure that all meats are prepared at the correct temperature to avoid risking food borne illness. Cook up something yummy and unique and enjoy your creative cooking experience.

Here is one of our favorite recipes that is easy to follow:

1 Cedar Plank (soaked for 30min minimum)
1 Salmon filet
Soy sauce
Olive oil
Garlic salt
Ground black pepper
1lb whole green beans
Italian dressing
2 Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil

Light kamado grill and stabilize temp at 350°F. Soak cedar plank for a minimum of 30min prior to cooking. Bake sweet potatoes first for 30 minutes before starting salmon. Season salmon fillet with soy sauce, then honey, then garlic salt and black pepper. Place cedar plank on grill until it first begins to smoke, then flip. Dress with olive oil and put salmon on skin side down. Put green beans and 1/2 cup Italian dressing in skillet or small pan and place on grill. Close lid. Check in 15 min and stir green beans. In 30 minutes total, your meal should be done.

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