Monday, July 22, 2013

The Magic of Modular - Making Your Outdoor Kitchen a Reality

Kitchens are the heart of any home. From prepping your signature family pasta sauce to drinking hot chocolate with your kids after the first snowfall, kitchens remain central to knitting people together. So, why not extend that appeal to your outdoor space? Outdoor kitchens add ease to the cook's usual routine and a certain sense of sophistication to al fresco dining. 

Many people are drawn to the idea of using their outdoor kitchen as a social gathering space for entertaining large crowds or intimate circles. With this set-up, you'll be able to prepare, cook and serve any food you have in mind, all the while continuing conversation with your guests in the fresh air and sunshine. It's a practical way to spend time together and still have those spare ribs on the table by dinner time. In addition, you'll keep the mess right where it belongs - outside your house.

As the primary designer of your unit, you select pieces that complement the look of your outdoor space and your budget. Outdoor kitchens can be highly customized, from their general layout and counter top finishes to their individual components - grills, refrigerators, smokers, even outdoor beverage centers. Whether you're looking for mission style or Mediterranean, lower cost or luxury, the design styles are endless. 

Outdoor modular kitchens are built with pre-made parts according to the customer's individual preferences. Most recently, these units have gained popularity from consumers, largely in part to their practicality, price, and additional versatility. The custom outdoor kitchens from Woodland Direct are no exception. With their sturdy galvanized steel frames and tailor-made designs, each unit promises to exhibit a quality and character that will be perfectly in step with your vision. Best of all, these modular outdoor kitchens will ship to your house pre-built and ready to go. That way, you won't have to worry about contractors tearing up your lawn or occupying your backyard through the prime summer season. Have it delivered in the morning and by nightfall, you'll be ready to party! You can even take the kitchen unit with you if you move

You'll work with one of our dedicated outdoor room designers to complete your purchase. They're here for you from the conception of your idea to the completion of the project to provide advice and answer any questions that you have. The outdoor kitchen island designs from Woodland Direct comply with dependable clearance to combustible standards from the manufacturer. These high safety requirements ensure that the area beneath or surrounding your grill and other flame-producing appliances don't burn. With Woodland Direct, you'll never have to sacrifice aesthetics for durability.

So, leave the office a few minutes early today and call one of our NFI certified outdoor room specialists at 800.919.1904 to get the most out of your outdoor entertaining area. By installing an outdoor kitchen, your house will become the hub of outdoor entertaining and social gatherings

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