Friday, January 3, 2014

Product Review: The Bull Outdoor Kitchen Island

Barbecue is always in season - even during the winter months! Nobody knows this better than Bull Outdoor Products. After more than 20 years in the grilling industry, Bull has refined their outdoor kitchen models to reflect their ingenuity, longevity, and master craftsmanship. So whether you're envisioning a meal of shish kabob for six or a traditional Tex-Mex beef brisket for a crowd, take a look at some highlights of their outdoor kitchen islands and see for yourself! 

Easily Customized
Bull outdoor kitchen islands have been designed with simple customization in mind, giving you the opportunity to obtain a unique look and practical configuration for your entertainment area. These kitchen islands come equipped with your choice of a built-in grill and island refrigerator, and can be finished with a variety of materials and veneers ranging from granite and tile to attractive stucco. Each unit provides you with the option for convenient upgrades like built-in side burners, an optional umbrella, or additional GFCI outlet. You can even choose to add an AM/FM/CD player with speakers to your unit.

These units are available in several different shape configurations, including straight and L-shaped. An L-shaped outdoor kitchen island is ideal for the seasoned entertainer, because it provides lots of seating around the counter for your friends to gather while you cook.  

Solid Construction
With their galvanized metal frames, Bull outdoor kitchens boast of a solid construction. Galvanized metal is especially reliable in outdoor spaces, because it's rust resistant. Thanks to this structural composition, your outdoor kitchen island will hold up even after years of exposure to snow, rain, ice, or extreme heat. Galvanized metal is also easy to cut or mold in case you're interested in making additional modifications to your outdoor kitchen island.

Additionally, the bases of these islands are enclosed with outdoor rated non-flammable cement board before they're finished with high quality stucco or rock. This is especially important for products that house flame-burning appliances.

CSA Certified Grills
The internationally recognized CSA certification signifies a higher level of quality and safety in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and gas products. Every built-in grill from Bull Outdoor Products has been tested and certified in one of the labs from CSA Group, which should further provide you with confidence in your product. CSA experts are just that - experts in their field. They have a longstanding history of working to understand and reconcile industry standards all over the globe. Because these units have been tested in accordance to the rigorous standards of CSA certification, you can be sure that they are safe to use.

If you have additional questions or want to know more about one of these award-winning outdoor kitchen islands, contact our NFI certified specialists today at 800.919.1904. They're available to work with you for the entirety of your project - from its conception down to the delivery and future support.

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